iWP partners with Caterpillar and Wartsila to provide land based Power Generating solutions to Islands and Developments. CAT is an excellent partner and provides equipment to comfortably handle Prime Power stations in the 1MW to 20MW range. For projects requiring larger power supply, Wartsila provides turnkey solutions in the 25MW to 300MW range. Between these two suppliers, most island power demands can be met efficiently and cost-

effectively while meeting strict environmental 



iWP specializes in Extended Air and Membrane Bio-reactor systems in sizes ranging from 25,000 to 2MGD and larger to fit most Island sized demands. From a single luxury resort to an island-wide central treatment system, we have solutions for your Wastewater needs. Most of our systems

include Tertiary treatment to solve Irrigation needs. 

Contact us to learn how we can help reduce operating 

costs while improving environmental stewardship. 



iWater & Power, LLC (iWP) specializes in designing and building Seawater Reverse Osmosis systems and related infrastructure. From Intake Structures to Pretreatment Packages, Membrane Skids and Post Treatment, Product Transfer Pumping and Storage systems. iWP provides turnkey SWRO packages based upon 30years

of refined design and operation experience. 

We focus on lowest long term Operating Cost,

assuring our customers will enjoy reliable and 

USPH quality fresh water at the lowest price. Size

range from 10,000 to 5MGD capacities. 


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