iWater & Power, LLC (iWP) has factory trained and authorized service engineers available to provide the level of support you require. Prime and back up power generation require consistent service and maintenance. We can tailor a service package that cost-effectively fills the gaps in your operating environment.

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iWP's factory trained technicians are ready to provide clients with the degree of attention they require. Some clients like our quarterly service inspection where we review and suggest improvements for permanent staff. Others prefer monthly service calls where we perform all routine maintenance. We structure a flexible service 

program that meets your needs.

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iWP's experienced service engineers make sure

your grey and black water systems operate to

standard so that your tertiary and reuse water

systems perform as designed. Properly operating

systems produce no odor and generate clear and sterile water for irrigation, toilet flushing, etc. We can suggest design and operating improvements and provide the level of service needed to insure your facility is clean and environmentally friendly.